Renovations: The Kitchen/Laundry Pt.1

I have so much that I would like to share, but so little time. I think that will result in lots of short posts for a while.  This one will be the first in a series on the renovations we’ve been doing. And of course, starting with the best room: the kitchen (and laundry, since it’s in the same room.)

Ever since I was tiny, the kitchen has been my favorite room in any home I’ve lived in. From cooking traditional Polish dishes with my mom, aunts, and grandmothers, experimenting by putting anything I could get my hands on into one bowl to test out a new “recipe,” or just standing around the kitchen island enjoying snacks during family gatherings.  It is a very communal space. One that is truly a marker of identity in any culture.

For this reason, the kitchen at Birdsong Homestead was the only room I really had a vision for before moving in.  It has come a long way in the last month, but is still not complete. Here is a photo dump of the current progress for your perusal:

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