Birdsong Bodywork


You came here looking for healing, pain relief, and relaxation. 

I can say, unequivocally, that is what I will provide for you.

As a Clinical Massage Therapist, those are my three highest priorities. Along with, and perhaps more importantly, tapping into the power of human connection by approaching my work with empathy and love.

I firmly believe that human touch has physical and emotional benefits. According to Miami’s Touch Research Institute: Touch lessens pain, improves pulmonary function, increases growth in infants, lowers blood glucose and improves immune function.

A 2008 graduate of the Soma Institute for Clinical Massage in Chicago, Illinois, my specializations are Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and Myofascial therapies with additional expertise in Pre and Postnatal, Infant, Sports, and Swedish Massage.

Schedule your appointment today by calling or texting 734.846.6108.

It is most important to me that everyone has access to healing.  Base prices are reflected below, however I do offer services on a sliding scale for those who indicate a need, and welcome those who wish to utilize gift economy by extending your payment to help support others.

Cash, check, and (soon) credit card payments and some insurances accepted. 5% discount for cash payments.

In-Office Massage

60min $80

90min $100

120min $130

In-Home Massage

60min $100

90min $120

120min $150

Weekday Pricing is within a 20 mile radius of Chelsea, MI.
Weekend Pricing is within a 20 mile radius of Lansing, MI.
Mileage that extends beyond the outlined radius is subject to an additional fee.

Bri has been my massage therapist for years and has been instrumental in helping me through various aches, pains, and musculoskeletal issues.  She has an amazing ability to find trigger points and get them to release.  The fact that she comes to our house makes it all the more incredible.  It’s so nice to just … Continue reading Liz H.

Liz H.

I suffer from recurrent low-back pain.  Bri has been able to resolve several flare-ups and give me pointers on how to prevent them in the future.  What I appreciate most is that she provides the perfect combination of relaxation massage and deep-tissue massage and she is able to adjust her approach based on what you … Continue reading Tyler H.

Tyler H.

Bri is, hands down, the most talented, effective, and nurturing massage therapist I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been seeing her for over 5 years, through two pregnancies and a variety of sport injuries, and every visit has been one of superb healing and transformation. She skillfully dissolves aches and discomfort with firm pressure and a whole … Continue reading Michele D.

Michele D.

I had heard about Bri and her magic touch for years and finally experienced her work with a nudge from my wife. Her down-to-earth manner and confidence in her work made the experience both functional and freeing. She exceeded my expectations and changed my perspective of body work. Bri’s touch is deliciously therapeutic. Strongly recommend.

Danny A.